What is LCE Kids?

LCE Kids is a new and innovative application that offers high-quality education for your child. It’s a great way to help your child learn while playing fun game simulations representing real-life careers.

Are they thinking about being a police officer, firefighter, teacher or veterinarian? Let us help with their education.

Fun is guaranteed!

Why choose LCE for your child?

  • Kids can learn on the go and play anywhere!
  • Affordable subscriptions.
  • Parents can enroll up to three kids on each account. Fun individualized avatar and workspace customization.
  • Brain games, literacy, numeracy, creativity and more!
  • Four careers, 24 simulations, 1000 individual learning activities.
  • Introduction to finance through the use of virtual money.
  • Exploration of the animal kingdom.
  • Cultural education with views from all around the world.
  • Learn customer service skills and self-awareness.

LCE Kids is a completely safe and secure mobile environment for children, and completely free of ads! It comes with a parent dashboard to manage screen time and parents can also access play and learning reports to track their children’s progress